Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Training the Core Muscles

Core training has become popu-
lar over the last few years, and for
good reason. The "core" consists of
the muscles of the back, abdo-
men, buttocks, hips, sides of
trunk and pelvis. A strong core
helps stabilize the spine when you
sit, walk, twist, and bend, plus many
other movements, like picking up
your children, playing catch or hula

When your core muscles are
weak, other muscles pick up the
slack, which may place abnormal
stress on the joints due to muscle
imbalances or
muscle tight-
ness. A strong
core may also
prevent lower
back pain by
keeping the
spine in align-
ment, sometimes referred to as
"neutral" spine.

Good exercises to strengthen
the core muscles may involve hold-
ing your body in certain positions
without movement of the
joints. Examples are bridges and
planks. Dynamic movements may
be used to improve core strength as
well. Examples include abdominal
crunches on a stability ball, or using
a suspension trainer like TRX.
Incorporating core muscle train-
ing into your fitness regimen will
keep your back healthy and your
movements pain-free!

- Jamie Bullard

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